Our Vision

Fukushu Restaurant Concepts is officially trying to change the current standard of the hospitality industry.

Fukushu Restaurant Concepts core values are:
  • Quality first, profit second
  • To create an environment that all team members feel comfortable, respected, and free to use their skills and practice forward thinking
  • To encourage guests to live in the moment and enjoy the experience provided, rather than bury themselves in their phone during dinner.
  • Live up to all expectations and promises set forth to our team, our guests, and our investors.
  • To set a new industry standard and be the leader in our field
  • Utilizing only the freshest and most sustainable ingredients.
  • An atmosphere that enhances a complete multi-sensory experience of enjoying fantastic food and drink in the company of loved ones.
  • Service that elevates the standard of what hospitality can be.
  • Every team member as respected and empowered individuals who contribute to the culture and community at large.
  • A relentless drive to never stop learning and innovating.
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